What inspires you?

Sometimes all you need is A Little Inspiration to try something new, start a project that you have always been meaning to, learn a skill, or simply take a little time for yourself. A Little Inspiration provides the environment, expertise and support to do any of these things…we are the catalyst you need to just do it! No Experience Necessary.

Choose from the following workshops or camps:

Let’s Get Creative – Make a piece of art, decorate a room, create something beautiful, throw a dinner party or a huge anniversary party, to name a few. It is not what you make, but rather the experience that leaves you feeling inspired! (click here for list of workshops available)

MYstory & OURstory Legacy Books – Come together with others is a wonderfully supportive and encouraging environment to create a MYstory or OURstory Legacy book. A perfect anniversary or special birthday book for grandparents. It is also an ideal gift from you to your family, so that those special stories, dates and memories are documented and never lost.  (more info)

Camp Heather – Summer camp for girls! If your daughter(s) like arts and crafts, baking and cooking, perhaps sewing, yoga, singing, dancing and swimming then Camp Heather is the perfect day camp for them. (more info for Summer 2012 options)

Camp Mom Take half a day for yourself to get re-inspired! At Camp Mom, women have a chance to explore their creativity, relax with some yoga poses, learn something new, share their experiences and of course enjoy a spectacular, healthy lunch. One morning away feels like a weekend away and you leave feeling re-inspired.

It is about taking the time, enjoying the company of others, laughing, learning and walking away proud of the fact that you did something yourself… something completely unexpected.

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