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When my children were born, it changed my world. It also changed the world of my parents. They were now grandparents!

My son and daughter both have a very special bond with my parents, largely due to the time they spend with them.  My parents recount stories of when they were young, bake cookies from old family recipes, and sing the folk songs that their parents sang to them.  I was inspired to capture these stories and more about my parents’ lives, so that these priceless  memories and details will never be forgotten. My children and their children should know the true essence of the family members who’ve come before them. But life has been busy as an entrepreneur and as a mom. In the meanwhile, my mother has written a family history book, that captures the stories passed down to her through the generations. This passion for family stories and where we come from must certainly have a genetic link.

It was my husband’s grandmother who gave me the motivation to produce the first ‘MYstory’ book. She just turned 89 years old. All of my grandparents have passed on and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to capture a truly remarkable life story. She is a survivor of the Holocaust and that fact alone can define the word ‘remarkable’. But to my children, her great-grandchildren, she is Bubby Goldie and her life stories about her parents and siblings, who perished during the war, are priceless. These stories are the only way we will ever have to know them. Goldie’s stories of life before and after the war are just as important in helping us appreciate the woman we see today. I thank her for so many things…but she was the catalyst in my bringing to life the ‘MYstory’ and ‘OURstory’ legacy books and binders.

Now I can give you the little inspiration you need to start recounting the journey of your life. You do not have to be a survivor or a hero to have a story to tell. You hold the key to your past and your family’s past through stories, pictures, names, dates, accomplishments, tragedy, triumph, love and love lost. A ‘MYstory‘ or ‘OURstory‘ legacy book or binder captures your personal history in a way that highlights the big events and milestones, while also bringing focus to the little details that make you so special to the family that loves you.

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