for capturing your life story

MYstory and OURstory Legacy books are beautiful,  full colour books that capture people’s life stories and personal history details in pictures and words.

A Little Inspiration offers a variety of ways to create your Legacy Book. Choose the option that is right for you.


Everyone has a story to tell. A Legacy Book is a priceless gift to your family. It allows you to put names to faces and gives you the opportunity to recount the stories you’ve heard from those who have since passed on.  Oral histories are not always remembered and important questions are not always answered. Use your Legacy Book to capture the essence of who you are on paper, so that generations can appreciate you for who you really are and they can see where they have come from. A documented personal history unites families with the discovery of shared personality traits and the meaning behind heirlooms.  It is an opportunity for you to explain the decisions and choices, which bring you to where you are today.

Give your family the gift of YOURstory.

If you are interested and would like to see how A Little Inspiration can help you create a MYstory or OURstory Legacy Book for you or your loved one CONTACT US.

To see a sample of a MYstory Legacy book, click here: SAMPLE



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