Take a moment. Smell the roses!

take a moment

take a moment

Take A Moment

I decided to go for an earlier than usual walk this morning. Maybe because of the time change this weekend?  It has been quite a few days since I was able to walk my dog; to take a moment for myself to smell the roses. Don’t worry about Delray. My parents were in visiting from Ottawa and my father was very happy to take Delray for the walks she loves so much.

It was a beautiful morning. Inspired to walk through the ravine that day, because I wasn’t particularly rushed for time. As usual, the ravine was filled with the familiar sites and smells of Fall.

There were squirrels scurrying about, hiding the nuts and seeds they’d found so that they might have a nourishing snack sometime in the depths of winter’s presence. How do they remember where they put those things? I often can’t find my keys on the kitchen counter. I can’t imagine dropping them in a bed of leaves in the middle of a forest, covering them in two feet of snow, and then having to go and look for them in minus 15 degrees weather. My kids should be grateful I am not a squirrel…I think they would starve.

Stop in your tracks every once and a while

At one point along the path, I stopped dead in my tracks. Delray was about twenty steps ahead and she looked back at me to see what was wrong. I couldn’t move. I saw the morning’s light sparkling through the trees and bouncing off the dew that had collected on the bed of leaves that covered the walking path. I was accosted at that moment by nature’s beauty and was awe-struck for a minute or two. I am embarrassed to admit that tears actually started to well up in my eyes and stream down my face. This has never happened to me before. I soaked in the moment’s beauty,  was filled with gratefulness for my good fortunes, and humbled by my place in this world.

Perhaps it was having worked on my mother’s family history book, that consumed us for the past week and a half? Learning of my family’s history and stories, provided me with a greater appreciation for their hard work and perseverance, which in turn enables me to be here today?

Little Miracles

Perhaps I was just lucky to have experienced a miracle (nature’s beauty)? Miracles happen every day, but we are too busy to notice? I don’t need an answer to what happened this morning. I am just grateful that I was able to experience something so awesome.

Walking on for a few moments, I then said to myself that I should capture this image for others to enjoy. So I walked back, snapped a shot with my handy new iphone4S, and off I went.

Please enjoy the photo and your day!


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