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JUNE 9th

@ Sherwood Farm Retreat (Township of King)
Approximately 10 people per workshop

(if you cannot make this one email me as I may run it again)



learn to try something new


This WORKSHOP is for you if…

  You want to be inspired to challenge yourself,
try something different, and learn something new!

  You deserve some nurturing ‘me time’

  You’d love an excuse to spend an evening in a
country setting with a bunch of women who
want to laugh, learn, create & eat great food.

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If you want to pass on this one, but
want to hear about others as they come available.


3 reasons to join workshop



1. Taking time to step out of your daily routine and into a new environment helps to provide an often much-needed fresh perspective on how we move through life.
2. It’s an opportunity to meet new people or share a new experience with an old friend, it’s a perfect, natural, stress-free environment to do so.
3. Tapping into your creative brain is meditative in a way, and it also encourages your imagination to come alive, something technology has taken away from us.



And it will be fun and rewarding… I promise!



what is included creative workshop


Inspirational speaker

All materials and supplies to create a piece of art

A healthy, delicious homemade dinner, including recipes

A beautiful nature walk in the forest



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