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If you are looking for something that is unique, then A Little Inspiration workshops are the answer. Whether it is a girl’s birthday party, a baby shower, a corporate Christmas party,or the creation of a priceless gift for a special anniversary or birthday party, we have ideas that set you apart. You can choose from the projects listed below, or suggest your own.

Girls Birthday Party: 2 – 2 1/2  hour party (you can bring food, snacks and birthday cake, or we can look after that for you) Cost: see below
Some Project Options:
– painted memory boxes
– decorate pj bags
– sew your own pillow case
– create a decorative pillow (no sewing required)
– paint a mirror
– make a fabric covered memo board

Corporate Event of Party: 2-4 hours, with or without food at Miele’s Show Kitchen. Baking, Cooking or Decorating challenge for 30-60 people. Cost: see below
For more information, just send me a quick e-mail or give me a call

Baby Shower Gift: Get together with a few friends or family members and create a baby blanket as a gift for the expectant mother. You will come together for 4 x 1 1/2 hour workshops, where you will plan and put together a blanket that is designed and sewn with love. Ideal for 4-6 participants, but you can have as many people as you wish participate and share the cost. The beauty is that no experience is required and you will produce a unique personalized blanket filled with meaning and lots of love. Cost: $90 per session x 4 sessions (as many people as you wish)

Creating a Legacy Book for someone’s special birthday or anniversary. Come together with a group of family members,  in a warm and inspiring environment,  to create a Legacy Book — a priceless gift to be enjoyed for generations to come. What gift does someone need for an 80th birthdays or a 50th anniversaries? Honour someone special that has given so much in their lifetime…it is now time to give back. Cost: varies depending on the scope of the project…generally 7 x 1 1/2 hour workshops over 14 weeks. If interested, please contact me so that we can put together a quote.

Location: – Studio is located in Richmond Hill (Elgin Mills and Bathurst), or:
– location of your choice (from Meile Show Kitchen to your home)

Cost: Varies depending on the services. Please e-mail me of call me to request a quote. heather@alittleinspiration.com or (905) 770-6337

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