gifting gratitude creative workshopgifting gratitude workshopPURPOSE: 

To take the time to tap into feelings of gratitude for someone who means the world to you, and to capture these feelings and thoughts in the form of a gift to that person, because they deserve it more than words alone can express.


What you will create gifting gratitudeWho this is for gifting gratitude


3 reasons to join workshop


1. A big part of our life journey is to recognize and be grateful for the people who have contributed to our life in a significant way; those who have shaped us into the person we have become. Whether by circumstance, experience, active participation, mentoring, or simply by being a trusted confidant, here’s a wonderful way to thank them. And expressing gratitude is a wonderful example of humility

2. The greatest gift you can give a person is to show them appreciation. So the act of investing time, energy, and mental focus on the ways this person has impacted you in a positive way, is more than simply saying ‘thank you’, it’s the greatest gift of gratitude.

3. Being away from it all for a few hours, in nature, and surrounded by gratitude and kindness is a great investment in your mental well-being.


what is included creative workshop

  • A little inspiration workbook including inspirational quotes and illustrations
  • Online “Thank you for being you” book template, ready to fill in with your words and creations from our workshop together
  • All materials and supplies to create two unique pieces of art
  • A light and healthy homemade lunch



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