Family Stories Workshop

family stories workshop


To finally capture family stories and details from 5-6 generations of your family, to identify people in photos, and then to present it all in a creative, shareable way for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.


What you will create family stories book

WHo this is for family stories



3 reasons to join workshop



1. Family stories connect us to something greater than ourselves. Writing down and talking about your family, its history, and your stories is one of the best gifts that you can give to your children and grandchildren.
2. Life stories, memories, visions, one’s version of things, all this can only be told by the one person who experienced them. No one is here forever… so best to write it down before all is lost. You can have it started and finished in just 1 month’s time.
3. This unique and simple process and a template make this otherwise overwhelming endeavor, very achievable. It only needs to be as detailed as you feel comfortable with — anything is better than nothing at all.


And it will be fun and rewading… I promise!


what is included creative workshop


  • Custom ‘Family Stories’ Book online TEMPLATE (min 50 pages with illustrations, poetry, themes, prompters and inspirations) from which you will be able to print a hardcover or softcover copy of your book
  • A Little Inspiration “Workbook”   where you will first define your goals and desired objectives for this project and then find all the questionnaires and guided exercises you will need to help you get all the answers and the words (these will eventually turn into the pages of your book)
  • Materials and supplies to create a watercolor backdrop for your family tree, customize a family portrait and add sketches to make it truly your own
  • Tutorials (in person and online) on how to use the online templates

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