Eggs On The Palette

eggs on the palette

My creative brain makes me want to be an artist when it comes to food too!

I invite you to consider your creative side the next time you make a meal. It’s no more work really… it just means that you bring a different perspective to your plate!

During this past year, I have learned how to slow down considerably, savour deep long breaths, and appreciate the food we consume to keep us alive and healthy. I love to cook, but I also love the presentation of the food that goes on the plate.

My Inspiration For Making A Beautiful (& Yummy) Plate Of Food

My mother was a nutritionist. All food groups were covered proportionately on the various meals she would prepare. I am not sure if she learned it from her mother, who was an artist, or if it was influenced by her education? Regardless, our dinner plates especially, would look beautiful as well as taste delicious. Orange carrots, green beans, red tomatoes, white fish with an orange sauce!! 

I also worked with someone years ago. She would bring the most colourful lunches to work. Purple cabbage, green spinach, red tomatoes, orange carrots… you get the point. It looked yummy and beautiful too! I remember she told me that the way to make sure you are eating healthy is to choose the most colourful foods you could find. Colour = Healthy!

My mother passed away this March. It has taken some time, but I am starting to feel her presence. The pain is softening and there are a number of things that make me smile when I think about her now.

Mom's favorite eggsShe always loved my ‘dad’s famous eggs’. My father made them for her almost every day in her last year. Two sunny-side up eggs with Franks Red Hot Sauce, on toast. Of course, there were always a couple of sliced tomatoes on the plate too, for colour! My dad likes to add a scoop of cottage cheese!

I made eggs the other day. I prefer my eggs over easy, but Frank’s Red Hot Sauce is the key to making them my dad’s eggs. I decided to get a little fancy and served them on Arugula, a wonderful nutty balance to the eggs and hot sauce. Colourful heirloom cherry tomatoes, with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Mmmmm.

Who thought there could be so much thought behind fried eggs for breakfast? 

egg with avocadoThe fact is, when you think about things differently, it takes no more, or very little effort to do something you always did, a little differently. 

And the effects of this minuscule change can be huge! 

Make your egg’s more colourful in the morning and see if it brings a smile to your face or your stomach! Even a sprinkle of greenery or a slice of tomato can make your plate more colourful and your mood, just one notch happier!

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