Heather in the News

Watch for Heather on TV!!! OCT. 10, 2011 Tune into Rogers Cable 10 & 63 on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 at 10am. Heather is a regular guest on Daytime York Region. As their ‘Inspirations Expert’, Heather will inspire you to make some great holiday gifts for teachers, your hairstylists and maybe your neighbours. She makes […]

Past or Future?

On CHUM FM this morning, Roger, Darren and Marilyn posed this question to each other and their audience: Who would you rather meet — your great-great grandparent or your great-great grandchild? Interestingly enough, it was unanimous amongst the hosts that they would rather meet their great-great grandparent. They said that they would like to find […]

Between Interruptions

I am not sure how many times I have wished for just one week to myself, without interruptions? Working from home sets a precedent in my house– I am the one who looks after everything  that comes up unexpectedly and of course, all those things that have to fall during the day that are planned, like volunteering […]

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