What is A Little Inspiration?

A Little Inspiration is a unique business dedicated to creativity,  confidence-building and providing people with a little inspiration on their life journey.  Its founder Heather Baker,  inspires people to accomplish things they have been meaning to get around for many years, or to try things they never believed possible. Through workshops, seminars, camps and consultation services, Heather and her associates guarantee your experience is a positive one.

Who is Heather?

I am “A Little Inspiration” —  I love to infect people with my passion, to share my creative way of looking at things, and to inspire people to have the confidence to try new things and create things themselves.

— Heather

Creative Talents that Cross Many Mediums

Heather’s creative talents have no limits. It is her creative mind’s eye and ability to break things down into simple steps, that make her succeed on individual projects as well as on group initiatives. She is an artist, a graphic designer, a writer of poetry and marketing communications materials. She is a sewer and a builder and she has a talent with colours, fabrics, textures and layout. Heather has a special ability to break overwhelming projects into simple plans with easy to follow steps. Her sweet and sincere nature, her patience and her ability to listen make her popular as a teacher, a facilitator, a consultant, and an interviewer. She has inspired and encouraged people of all ages. Her success is in part due to her clients as they keep coming back for more and recommending her to others.

Experience: Heather brings a lifetime of creative project experience to her workshops and design projects in York Region and the GTA! She has taught children and adults to sew and paint. She has facilitated the writing and illustration of a story book, written by her Camp Heather campers. Heather has inspired both corporate and residential clients with interior design solutions. She has captured the life stories of loved ones in beautiful hard-covered books and is a member of the Association of Personal Historians. These are just a small sample of the things that she has accomplished in the past eight years at A Little Inspiration.

Prior to opening A Little Inspiration in 2003, Heather worked in graphic design, advertising, marketing and most recently in corporate communications and branding.

It is certainly worth giving her a call to see how she might inspire you!

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