Heather Baker

We can all benefit from a little inspiration time and again — sometimes it’s all we need to pull us forward when we are stuck.



A Little Bit Of MY STORY ~ from Heather

I started this journey in 2003 after an exciting career in advertising and branding. My mission from the start has been to inspire people with my passion for creativity and to make genuine connections with those I meet along the way.

My story has many chapters, all very important pieces which make up the person I am today (check out createLIFEBOOKS). I am an artist, a graphic designer, a writer, a brand expert, a sewer, and a builder and I love using colours, textures, and layouts! I also have an ability to break overwhelming projects into simple plans with easy-to-follow steps. I am a teacher, a facilitator, a consultant, and an interviewer.


Although what I offer clients today is very different than what I offered clients over the years as A Little Inspiration, my essence remains the same:

i am a little inspiration

and I give people my whole heart.





If you are interested and have a little time, please feel free to check out my journey below:


A Little Inspiration Over The Years


Heather Creates the first Legacy Book

legacy cookbook
Heather helped a client who was grieving the loss of her mother with the creation of a Legacy Cookbook. It was a holiday cookbook that contained all of the recipes the mother was noted. They were gathered and thoughtfully laid out in a beautiful full-colour cookbook, including illustrations and photographs..Read More

Launch of ‘We Can Change the World Day’

we can change the world day
Together with Yoga Heather and their friend Sharna, the trio decides to inspire youth volunteers to raise money for a community in Kenya through We Charities. We Can Change the World Day was born. A mini WE Day in York Region, they brought together speakers, performers, and artists to inspire..Read More

OIAM Band Co-Manager

OIAM logo
Sharna and Heather’s sons, who are best friends, write and record a theme song for “Count Me In”, a global youth empowerment movement, founded by Shane Feldman. ‘One In A Million’ (OIAM) a rock band dedicated to change is born.  The band’s first-ever performance is in front of an audience..Read More

A Time for Change

cancer steals best friend
After losing her very best friend since childhood to glioblastoma (brain cancer), Heather starts to re-evaluate things. Heather created an “Always and Forever” book for Joanne in which she expresses how much of an impact Joanne has had on her life. The process was healing and the book also captured..Read More

A New Chapter: createLIFEBOOKS

For the first year, Heather continued to provide interior design consultation to clients. Her projects had grown in size and complexity over the years to include whole home renovations. Although she was afraid to start saying ‘no’ to new design clients and projects when that had been her stable business..Read More

Coming Full Circle

The past two years have allowed much time for reflection, defining values, and painting a clearer picture of the dream we wish to fulfill. It has also reminded me how important people and community are in our life. That being said, I have come full circle!  This summer I will..Read More

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