Gift to myself workshop

To journey into your mind and discover and/or articulate your gift to the world, express it in a creative way, and capture it in a keepsake book ~ a reminder to yourself (and others if you wish to share) of your beauty in this world.


What you will create Gift to myselfWHo this is for gift to myself




3 reasons to join workshop



1. Taking time to step out of your daily routine and into a new environment helps to provide an often much-needed perspective on how we view ourselves, how we move through life. And you get to see some new faces and meet the person behind them.
2. It’s an opportunity to discover & celebrate your gift! We all have a main gift, whether it’s a talent, a special quality, or just a unique way of being that is authentically you.
3. When you figure out how to be yourself and see your gift to the world, it is an incredibly liberating way to go through life.



And it will be fun and rewarding… I promise!


  • A little inspiration workbook including inspirational quotes and illustrations
  • Online “My Gift to the World” book template, ready to fill in with your words and creations from our workshop together
  • All materials and supplies to create three unique pieces of art
  • A light and healthy homemade lunch or dinner (depending on workshop time)



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