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to get creative

These workshops are a wonderful way to try something new, without the long-term commitment. They have a way of making just a few hours feel like you’ve been whisked away to a far-away place. You’ll find your mind free of life’s stresses and responsibilities. Walk away energized and proud. Enjoy learning new skills and discovering hidden talents.

Find below some of the various workshops available. You will find a few workshops scheduled on the Calendar, but most workshops are scheduled specifically by a group of friends or associates. With this option, you simply pick the date, time and topic that suits you best. Don’t worry — No experience is necessary.

Create a Design Plan for a room(s) in your home2 hours x 3weeks $120 total per person (min 4 people)
Art Attack ( paint a canvas, stool, mirror or memory box) —1.5 hours x 1to 4 workshops depending on the workshop $35-100 per person (min 8 people)
Make a personalized baby blanket with love (for expectant moms or grandmoms) — 3 x 2 hour workshops $150 per person incl. materials (4-8 people)
Lower stress levels — Get organized and free yourself of clutter  — one 2 hour workshop $30 per person (min 8 people)
Holiday Entertaining — learn some tips and tricks to be the hostess with the mostest (menu ideas, table settings, themes, etc.) — one 2 hour workshop $30 per person (min 8 people)
Big Event Planning (Bar or Bat Mitzvah, anniversary or big birthday – themes, tips and tricks, connections, budgets, planning guidelines, etc.) —  one x 2 hr workshop $35 per person (min 8 people)

CONTACT US to schedule a group or find out when the next workshop is scheduled. or 905-770-6337