MYstory and OURstory Legacy Books

MYstory and OURstory Legacy Books

A Little Inspiration launches MYstory and OURstory Legacy Books

OCT 13, 2011 –Do you remember the story of how your father proposed to your mother? Do you know what your grandmother used to enjoy doing as a little girl? Are you familiar with the thought process behind your grandfather’s decision to come to Canada perhaps?
When these questions are posed to an elder, they often elicit a flood of memories, feelings, stories, names, dates and places, little anecdotes and sometimes tears of joy or sorrow.  Inspired by Heather Baker’s desire to capture the life stories of her grandmother (in-law) and her parents, so that her children might enjoy them and their children and their children’s children too, A Little Inspiration launches its MYstory and OURstory Legacy Books(how can I create one).

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and the expertise, guidelines and tools to get around to doing something that you have been meaning to get around to for some time. A Little Inspiration’s Legacy Book Workshops Series or their one-on-one consultation services make the creation of a legacy book possible — simply and professionally.

“MYStory’ or ‘OURstory’ — a book that captures someone’s personal history in a way that highlights the big events and milestones in someone’s life, while also capturing the little details that make that person so special to us. Their life story connects us to our ancestors, to our culture and our traditions… to our personality traits and to family heirlooms. The process of creating this book enables us to hear so many stories that would have otherwise been lost.To see a sample of a book, you can click here:


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