Learning it all again!

Learning it all again!

Whew! That was a crazy week. This is the first time I have sat down and had a chance to breathe. I feel like I was a little sail boat caught in a tumultuous¬† ocean — too busy trying to keep the boat upright to worry about when the storm might end and alas!!! Land ahoy!!

I sit here with my Starbuck’s coffee, after having dropped off five very loud pre-teen kids at school, and I realize it is the first chance I have had all week to breathe. Yoga starts in 20 minutes, so I am taking this time to catch my breath and reflect on the week. I barely saw my husband this week because of guitar; gymnastics; rock band; fencing; art class; Hebrew school; Canadian history test about the Confederation; science pop quiz about density of matter; Bernoulli’s principle of flight; book review, an autobiography edit, French verbs test, two math tests and….well I think that is all.¬† And this was just between the hours of 3:30 to 10:30pm and Monday was a PA day. Oh yeah, forgot to mention a healthy dinner, after school snacks and a couple of client meetings. Then I have my day job, on top of which I have to clean the house, get the groceries, plan my daughter’s birthday party (she want’s each girl to have a cake of their own to decorate — that is a lot of icing), and don’t forget…Halloween costumes and pumpkin carving! It is Halloween on Monday.

I realize that life is busy…but this week was crazy! I was talking to a friend, while walking my dog (only time I get to do that) and said… can you imagine what would happen if the power went out in the world for a few days? I know that Blackberry’s network went down for a day a few weeks ago and people missed important messages, dates and meetings as a result…feuds between families and friends started because people weren’t getting back to each other quickly enough! I am not wishing to live at the turn of the century, because that in itself brought its own troubles,worries and stresses. But maybe just a few days would be nice. The thought of not having to drive two or three times back and forth between Thornhill and Richmond Hill would be a welcome break. Life would be simpler in many ways.

I love to hear stories about the the days of yesteryear: Pioneers, entrepreneurs, fame and fortune, love and loss. Family histories are full of these kinds of stories and they help to put life into perspective today. I think we do need to hear more from those who have learned about life before us. Talk to a parent, grandparent or great-grand parent, if you are so lucky, and ask them about the stresses that they had to deal with in the early 19oos. You’ll be amazed at what you might learn and perhaps gain a new perspective on the life you live today.


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